Personalize your invitations

Our Video-Card is elegantly transferring your classic invitations for exhibitions and events, into our modern, digital age. Personalize your invitation uniquely with a creative video-message and set new standards, with a brand new, innovative and future-oriented marketing concept.


Environment-friendly composites and materials

The subject of sustainability and environment-protection has become a main focus for companies and corporations on a global level. With natural building blocks and materials, MNP provides a solution for lasting and environment-protective commercial articles, that suit your marketing strategy and company guidelines.


Individually designed and custom made

In retail stores, wholesales as well as on exhibitions and incentive events - our variety of dispensers and roll up’s guarantee the visibility and appearance of your unique C.I. Our dispensers are tailor-made for your specific demands and requirements and built to create a maximum marketing effect for our customers.


The most popular and successful commercial articles

Pens, pencils, mint-packs as well as notebooks and lanyards have been part of nearly every marketing concept, across all sectors. Especially in this section you can gain an extremely positive response from your customers, with high quality and well produced articles. Through a big variety of layout- and design options, you can stand out with your brand and lift your company above your competitors.


Modern electronic gadgets and utensils

In times of drastic digitization, the internet and fast paced development of new technologies and products, MNP has a great position in the market of commercial articles and marketing tools. Standard items like USB-sticks, power banks and computer-periphery are just a small part of our arsenal. We make sure to stay up to date and keep an eye out for new ideas and concepts. Our customers can rely on us to provide the newest technology and on-demand innovations.

Production agency in Hamburg Germany

Our services

Advertising materials

Advertising materials

As a production agency for commercial articles from Hamburg - Germany, we provide a wide portfolio on advertising materials and services to our customers. Our product catalogue revolves around 60.000 different products, that we can even individualize to meet our customer demands.

Print products

Print products

Even in times of digitization and modern technology, the category of print & paper remains a core element of our company’s portfolio. Fine haptics and creative design remain at least on par with online- & and social-marketing tools. We love to help set the stage for your brand to expand your business and create new business opportunities.



MNP provides an innovative solution for either B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) shop-systems, to our customers. We offer an outstanding warehouse-management system as well as an easily accessible and user-friendly shop-frontend. Coordinate your production and storage of commercial articles and let your store managers order new materials, with a comprehensive and extended authorization concept.

You have a special requirement?

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Our references

Frosta Dispenser

MNP stands for individuality and creative implementation of projects outside of the standard norm.
For a unique customer-project we printed, filled and packed more than 300.000 little seed-pouches with seeds from 3 different herb-types.
The dispenser was delivered to several individual stores and made a great impact and created large positive feedback for our customer. You like to think outside the limitation of standards? Then you came to the right place!

Commercial articles shops

Especially for customers with several different outlets and branches, we provide a process-optimized solution with our own shop- & and warehouse-management-system. We define a set of available commercial articles, that your store-managers can subsequently order directly from our warehouse.
With a thorough and comprehensive authorization concept we can make sure that limitations and maximum orders can be checked and tracked. We deliver and ship worldwide, finetuned for your demands.

Parcel & letter consignments

You want to send Christmas letters or event-invitations to your customers? We can help you optimize this process. We develop and design the individual letter with our customers, produce it and ship it to up to 100.000 individual addresses. Our team will gladly consult you regarding the paper choice, font-selection and fine packaging. You want to leave a great impression on your customers? We are ready to help!


Hoodies, T-Shirts, caps and sweatshirts are just a small selection of our broad portfolio of clothing products. A large network of partners worldwide, let’s us choose and create your exact requirements for your company! Even small amounts of different clothing are not a problem. We can meet your demands, even if you have a very creative and unique request.

Present- & Giftboxes

MNP stands for competence and diversity! We like to take on every challenge and always stay transparent in the process.
For our customers we also create, design and develop innovative present-boxes that can be shipped worldwide. Add sweets, chocolates and candy that are personalized and we also provide the letter and deliver the package to your customers door.


The development and distribution of new technologies and digital products has reached new heights in the last years. New gadgets and tech-utensils are created nearly every day and it takes a lot of research and time to stay on top of this process.
We at MNP are constantly widening our horizon and are present at every major commercial article exhibition in the world. To meet new standards and provide our customers with newest ideas and brand-new products, we challenge ourselves to stay on top of our game.
Video-cards or present-boxes with integrated video-screens, are just some of the creative designs that we develop for our customers.

A selection of our customers



Unser erster Kontakt zu MNP entstand durch die Lieferung von Druckmaterialien für unser Unternehmen. Anhand einer guten
und vertrauensvollen Zusammenarbeit sowie diverser Gesprächsrunden wurde uns klar, dass MNP ein deutlich breiteres Portfolio anbietet, als durch die bisherigen gemeinsamen Projekte erkennbar war. Wir betrauten MNP mit der Konzeption eines B2B-Shops für unsere Niederlassungen und Filialen. In kurzer Zeit wurden alle Anforderungen umgesetzt und präsentiert. Die Auftragserteilung unsererseits erfolgte dann zeitnah. Heute beschafft MNP unsere Werbemittel sowie die Druckprodukte und übernimmt die gesamte Abwicklung der zusammenhängenden Bestellungen. Wir schätzen die kurzen Dienstwege sowie die gute Erreichbarkeit und Kommunikation im Unternehmen.

Malte Krone, Leitung Marketing,
Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH

Wir arbeiten seit über 25 Jahren zusammen. Immer coole Ideen, Topqualität, Topberatung, zuverlässig und
supersympathisch. Egal, ob Printprodukte oder Werbemittel. So macht Arbeiten Spaß!

Mathias Koerner, Geschäftsführer,
live werbeagentur gmbh & co. kg

Die Media-Nord-Print ist seit ihrem Bestehen 2003 für uns ein zuverlässiger und engagierter Partner, mit dem wir sehr
vertrauensvoll und professionell unterschiedlichste Projekte verwirklichen. Wir schätzen insbesondere die Flexibilität des gesamten MNP-Teams. Auf Basis dieser vertrauensvollen Zusammenarbeit freuen wir uns auf die weitere zuverlässige Partnerschaft mit Media-Nord-Print.

Claudia Twele, Corporate Communications,
Hamburg Süd A/S & Co. KG

We are happy to advise you individually for your needs!

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Media Nord Print

Since 2003 MNP is best known for continuity, reliability and high-quality print products & commercial articles. As a diversified team with a flat hierarchy and efficient distribution of knowledge and competence, we provide a high-grade service, as well as first-class products.
Starting with an initiate briefing, we are highly transparent in every part of the production process and meet all the requirements of our customers, for already more than 15 years.

MEDIA-NORD-PRINT Kuehn + Utesch GmbH & Co. KG
Tarpenring 13
22419 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (40) 94 36 80 -0
Telefax: +49 (40) 94 36 80 -20

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Frank Utesch

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